Friday, October 12, 2012

either i need some patience or i'm ready for the big chop

today i washed my hair with conditioner.  as i was unraveling the 1 week old twists, i suddenly had a massive urge to put the scissor to my hair immediately ~X( at wits' end.  i slicked it back with the conditioner and thought hmmm maybe a twa isn't so bad.  bottom line is, the style in which i want to cut my hair in, i can't until all the hair is unlocked.  i've ran out of patience :-(||> give up.  also the 2 texture hair is very difficult to deal with.  the detangling is a bitch:(fight) fight.  once i get it done, it will still need cutting because of the straggly ends.  i can hardly manage 1 lock a day if that much.  it is overwhelming and not fun:-&lt sigh.  you know how i feel about having fun or making things easy for living?  moreover, when i start working, i will never have time to unravel anything.  the most likely probability is that i would end up simply growing it out.  that i can definitely manage :)) laughing. but it will be a big 'ol ball of bongo natty each time i have to wash it =)) rolling on the floor.  and who can wait that long? so now how do i find someone to cut it without making it look masculine :-? thinking

i would like to start over with my hair.  coming out of long hair for so many years, i would like a totally new, chic look.  i just want to be free of these sisterlocks pronto.