Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Farewell Sisterlocks

I flat ironed my locks in an attempt to make the unlocking process smoother, faster, easier. It was easier but still time consuming to unlock.
left side is flat ironed. My hair was so soft, sleek and had lots of movement. i loved it! i could run my fingers through with ease, like after a retightening. it surely was one way to manage the new growth and keep the hairs from joining each other.
flat ironed locks
Flat ironed locks

Monday, August 13, 2012

No Big Chop, just unlock...

goodbye Sisterlocks. So i've reached the end of my lock journey. i love my locks, love the length and i love the volume. I just want to grow my hair to those lengths again only unlocked. i will miss it tremendously. Specifically that i never had to worry about it getting wet, that it hangs, that it doesn't shrink, that i can wrap it around my head and tie it, yep i will miss it. But i'm tired of being dependent on someone to do my hair each time i move. i don't enjoy locking my hair myself as it takes too long, and i don't want to spend that much time and money on my hair anymore. also why i can't just cut it off yet: too much money and time invested in it. tired of the lint and the white bulbs that give it that sandy appearance. so i've started the take down process since April 2012 even though you can't really tell. i imagine if i unlock 2 locks a day, i should be done by year's end (lol). i'm not sure if it is even possible to go this route as the unlocked hair tangles so much. it is sooo dry from all these 11 years of not conditioning and moisturizing that it's taken on a new texture: frizzy. maybe somewhere in between now and the end of the year, i will lose patience and just chop it all off. as glorious as my locks looked, was it just a bunch of shedded hair (confused)? over time my locks become too heavy for the strand that it is on. my unlocked hair is half the length of my locked hair. which i find quite disappointing since i wasn't combing it for so many years. locks is a protective way of wearing the hair. so how come it's not longer than where i started after not combing it for 11 years. i expected some shedding but not half of it (surprised). all the pictures that i will be uploading are pictures of the past. i took them and never uploaded them. will be documenting this take down process via you tube and blog.