Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I want a Sisterlock Consultant in Augsburg or Munich

i have not had my hair professionally retightened since i moved to Germany 2 years ago. I want the luxury of going to a consultant here to have my hair done within a day, on a regular basis. The closest consultants are in the Nederlands, France, England and Switzerland. That's possible if i have a reason to go to those places. Are there any Sisterlock sistahs in Germany, in particular Munich or Augsburg? I live in Donaw├Ârth which is 30 mins. by train to Augsburg and 1.5 hr by train to Munich. Any suggestions? (the middle and bottom photo is my quick pin curl set)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Just water

over the years, i've tried all kinds of ways to moisturize my hair. now i think the best thing for my hair is just plain water. i spray my hair daily with water using a 99cent spray bottle. when i wear my hair curly i only spray it right before setting it. in addition, i sleep on shiny, smooth sheets, if not satin. i travel with this as well, and i do the same for my daugher. i realized that cotten sheets not only absorb the oils in our hair but, makes our hair so full of lint. so annoying. also, when i used to lightly oil my hair, i couldn't stand the smell of the oil in my hair; and the oil made my hair even more a lint and dirt magnet. it was also harder to clean/shampoo my hair after it was oiled. so i just stopped all that stuff, and started using water. i notice how quickly my hair absorbed the water so sometimes i mist it several times throughout the day. it adds movement to my hair. now on another note, i like my hair to smell good all the time. so while i contemplated spraying it lightly with my favorite fragrance, CKbe, i didn't. BUT, i filled an empty CKbe bottle with water and used it to mist my hair. boy do i love how it smells in my hair and it doesn't have to compete with another fragrance on my body.


i've been trying to do a mohawk and this is my result. i actually like it. it takes some time though to get it neat and even. Best when you have a friend do it for you.

setting up the knot-hawk/mohawk

Blond Knot-hawk/Mohawk

okay, not exactly blond rather an x-ray effect.


the side ponytail

these curlers

do you like working with these curlers? i always end up buying large rollers thinking my hair needs it. wrong? i got stronger curls with the smaller curlers. plus, i found the larger rollers take up so much space on my head that it's hard to sleep in. anyway, i won't spend any more money buying curling systems. i get the strongest holding curl when i use a pencil or a hair stick to roll my hair, pull the pencil out and then secure the roll with a hairpin. doesn't cost anything, doesn't take up space when i travel, and much easier to sleep.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Styling long hair

Thank you all for all your wonderful comments. Sorry i have not updated in months. The longer my hair gets, the more I'm running out of new style options. What are my options, hats, scarves, curls, straight, updo, knots, ponytail...then what? Have you got any suggestions? Right now i'm itching for a very angled, shoulder length, bob haircut. I don't have the nerve to chop yet and most people say not to cut it. My sister thinks the whole point of growing locks is: how long can you grow? Neat and even is what i want....i think. Anyway, this is what my hair looks like when it needs washing: limp curls and flat.

here it is nice and clean. My favorite go-to hairstyle. Easy, long lasting and edgy.