Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wash & Go

I have had the most luxurious hair washing experience using Aveda Brilliant shampoo AND the washing technique/method of Carol ( Thank you Carol. My hair was soft and full of movement after that washing method and lasted a whole week. While i didn't use a spray bottle, i still got all my locks thoroughly saturated and sudsy from roots to tips. I normally wash my hair weekly, but after 1 week it didn't even look or feel like it needed a wash. I love the pureness of Aveda products. Also, Carol's 'washing your locs' video is on in 8 parts. Check it out.


Aya said...

What beautiful and long locks you have. I just love all the styles you have shown. Very creative. Where in Germany do you live? I have a sister there in Hanburg. She wears traditional locks.

Audrey's Pleasure said...

Thank you Aya. I'm always looking for a new way to style my hair. I live in Munich.

Aya said...

Hmmm, I'm not sure how far Munich is from Hamburg. I will have to direct my sis to your post. Who knows what can come of it. I will try to link you to my blog if that's ok.

Audrey's Pleasure said...

sure, it's okay. Hamburg is approximately 6-8 hours drive away from Munich.

Goodnapps said...

Hi Audrey,

I just found your blog today via the Lock Exchange and of course I am completely blown away with your beautiful locks.

Many discussions take place on how long to grow locks, to cut or not to cut.

Beautiful pics such as yours have me inspired to forget any ideas about cutting. Just let them grow, grow and grow.

Thank you so much for sharing!

BTW - were you a perm, short afro or long natural starter?

If you have any pics from your earlier years, please do share.

Audrey's Pleasure said...

Goodnapps, thank you for your very kinds words. Your locks look nicely shaped and full already. When my locks were chin length, I couldn't wait for it to be the length it is today. Now I want an angled bob around chin length. Since growing hair is no longer an issue, i've always wanted a full head of hair that i can cut into styles as i please. I'm not sure if locks are ever meant to be cut since the ends open up when they are cut. How does that work do you know?

I permed my hair for too many years. It got thin and looked like cheap hair. I had my hairdresser cut it all off to start healthy again. She gave me another process: a curly perm which is even worse. Certainly one way to keep business for herself. When I realised that my hair was not improving, i stopped going to her and all hairdressers. I let my hair grow out. It wasn't until then that i saw the beauty in my hair texture. I let my friend single strand twist it every week. My hair was natural like that for five years. But after five years of natural hair, I expected to have hair down to my ankles and that was not the case. My hair grew from 2 inches to neck length. It wasn't until then that i started considering locks. But they didn't look well groomed or well kept to me. At the same time that was the only time our hair grew, when the ends are closed, and we are not combing it, it doesn't break off and length is accumulated. A friend suggested Sisterlocks to me. I checked it out and immediately wanted it. When they were installed, I looked like 'Hell Raiser' but i had seen what the end results looked like and was determined to get there. It takes tremendous patience over the years to go from installing them to accumulated length. A couple years ago I went back to my hairdresser to have her cut my locks, but she was so enamoured with the length, that she encouraged me not to cut it.

I don't have any digital pics of my permed hair only on polaroid. But I will have my husband scan them into my computer. Thanks for the suggestion.

Goodnapps said...

A chin length bob would be quite a cut for you. But we are all entitled to that change when it hits us. You would have the length back within 2-3 years.

Folks cut their locks all the time.
The ends just reseal themselves over several months.

I'm sure you will do what you feel is best when the right time comes.

Thanks so much for your compliment.