Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Farewell Sisterlocks

I flat ironed my locks in an attempt to make the unlocking process smoother, faster, easier. It was easier but still time consuming to unlock.
left side is flat ironed. My hair was so soft, sleek and had lots of movement. i loved it! i could run my fingers through with ease, like after a retightening. it surely was one way to manage the new growth and keep the hairs from joining each other.
flat ironed locks
Flat ironed locks


Kreyola said...

This is a bitter sweet post for me :(. I so admire your long sisterlocks and I'm really appreciated the fact that you continue to blog about your hair since it so rare to see a sisterlocks blogger with your length.

Anyhow...good luck and please enjoy your new journey and continue to blog about it. Thanks!

dewdrop said...

Washing your hair with just conditioner for the next few weeks will also help your hair to soften/loosen up some more. That way your take down might be a little easier.

Do you have your loose-napp products and materials ready once you're done with the take down? (i.e. scarf, pick, accessories). I saw another lady on youtube mention that it was important to have your kit ready once you're loose again. :-) I'm sure you'll be fine.

Audrey's Pleasure said...

Hi Kreyola, thanks honey. i will be documenting my next hair journey. I am eager and excited about it.

Audrey's Pleasure said...

Dewdrop, thanks for those tips. i have the scarf to sleep on, but not for wearing out. i'll have to purchase some. also the washing with conditioner is a great tip. much better than trying to relax my locks in an attempt to opening them quicker.

CaribSun said...

I love your locks and I really enjoy your blog. Good luck on this new phase of your natural journey. Thanks for keeping us posted.

Paula Malimba said...

Could we barter? See, my sls are just 3 years old and shoulder length. You'll be done unlocking them in within a month and I'll get to throw around some fabulous locs!

Whichever way you look at it, it's a win-win situation for the both of us. I also got thick hair, so you don't have to worry about the volume. There won't be much of a change from what you're used to.

So sorry to see them go, I've read every post on your blog and watched your pictures a thousand times. Hope and pray that my thick sls ever get that beautiful some day.


Audrey's Pleasure said...

lol. oh my goodness, you're so funny. yeah i wish we could barter. one thing you should know about my locs is that my hairline is not as dense as the middle of my head. the best and healthiest parts of my locs is the region behind my ears. i started my locs with a damaged hairline. my loctitian said that locs would make it all grow back. 11 years and it never did. i got tired of having to style my hair a certain way to camouflage the damaged sides. now i just want my hair to be free to be conditioned and moisturized and unstressed from retightening.

Paula Malimba said...

Hey Audrey,

I DIY, so I also have issues like two headed dragons and a messed-up grid in some places. I started out with 600+ locs, but had to marry many of them because of issues like thinning at the root mostly. Now my wild guess is that I have somewhere between 300 and 400+, didn't bother count though. And since we all participated in the conscious and organised destruction of our hair texture called relaxing, this is a general issue among all of us.
My locs are now on the brotherlocs side, got strong roots and the grid doesn't really matter because they are so thick that the scalp never shows even after a reti. Do we still barter?


Audrey's Pleasure said...

what are for hair? confused. are we unlocking each other's hair? confused.

Paula Malimba said...