Saturday, September 15, 2012

Answer to Dewdrop's comment re: Grooming

Hi Dewdrop, i'm thinking of answering comments as a new post.  Because some of things i share, others can benefit from the info.  So here goes. The first 5 years my locks were groomed (not near the root though) by a sisterloctitican every 6-8 WEEKS at my retightening sessions!  who knew what foolishness i was doing to my locks back then.  Funny thing is when i started taking care of my hair, my own retightenings i discovered a lot about my hair.  i never bothered with grooming it simply because it added more time to my sessions.  that just didn't make any sense to me.    i remember calling Dr. JoAnne Cornwell and asking her advice on how to manage my own hair since i was now living in Germany, how to remedy or fix the front of my hair that wouldn't lock for 5 years.  Her answer basically was that she couldn't help me and that that problem should have been taken care of by my Sisterlocktitician.  To me she was more concerned that my locktitician had separated from her.  I was really suprised and take aback that she wouldn't help a fellow human being.  I couldn't help but think, 'man, this is just a business for you.'  Through the phone lines from LA to Germany, there was no compassion, nothing like, 'let's see what we can do.'  more like, 'you're on your own kiddo.' After that i was no longer 'patriotic' to "Sisterlocks".  hair is hair and you shouldn't have to have a job or be working in order to care for your hair, have healthy, nicely styled, long, short, medium, voluminous hair.  What about the people who can't afford it?  Why can't i, if i learn how to do it, share this info with my MOTHER, or my SISTER, or help another person who isn't working.  why are we on this planet if not to help one another? No, i was not going to support her 'empire'.  Lots of women are sharing their knowledge for free on how to care for our hair on Youtube.  Thank God for them.  You are one of them Dewdrop.  Thank you.  I used to think that Sisterlocks was superior to other locks, that if it ain't Sisterlocks, it ain't all that.  boy was i stooopid!  As long as you wear your hair that makes you feel confident, beautiful, loved, who cares how you wear your hair or  what you wear on your head, be it natural, locks, weave, perm, braids, wig, wraps, you name it, etc.  Wear it with pride.


CaribSun said...

Thanks for this post Audrey. I too appreciate our sisters like Dewdrop who are so kind and giving and are always willing to share their experiences and help out someone who needs the help.

The sentiments that you shared about the Sisterlocks company are shared by many people that I have spoken to. Their business philosophy does not seem to involve any real caring for clients.

On a slightly different note, if you can tell me how to get a replacement hook tool, I would love to hear it, because even the trained sisterlocks consultants whose businesses depend on the use of these tools have a hard time getting replacement tools from the company. So a mere mortal like myself is unlikely to be able to simply purchase one. If you are not planning on using your anymore, I would be happy to purchase it from you.

dewdrop said...

Answering our questions in the form of a new post is a brilliant idea! You're so creative and smart. :-D I am so sorry to hear that your experience w/ contacting the SL office was less than satisfactory. I had a similar experience in which a SL trainee gave me fake SLs and completely destroyed my hair. I contacted the office three times to file a complaint, but they never responded. I had lost all respect for the company and the unprofessionalism I had experienced.

When I actually found a wonderful and professional SL consultant who did an amazing job on my hair, I was prepared to move forward and take the re-ti class. Low and behold, the only instructor was not available for several months and lived 2 hours away. Desperate times called for desperate measures, so by trial and error with the few resources that were available to me online at the time, I became a DIYer. My hope was to get feedback and document my journey so that others would be helped and not experience what I went through.

I never imagined that my attempts to ask for help from others had turned into a portal of information that would in turn help others. My goal is to help others. This information was not available to me when I needed it most, so I want to make it available to others in the easiest way possible. I'm so grateful to God for giving me this avenue through which people can be reached. It brings me joy to see others become empowered and knowledgeable when it comes to our hair. Sow a seed..... ;-)