Monday, September 17, 2012

Sisterlock Tool?

Hi CaribSun,
my Sisterloctitian never used the Sisterlock tool for any of my retightenings.  She's always used the Nappylocs Tool because she found it easier to use.  I bought it a 5 years ago from Nappylocs.  It costed $15 then. The owner was very nice and helpful.  I have a small and a large tool.  I used the small one more.  I think it would be better if you purchased it in America, because it would be faster than coming from Germany.  Also, my friend that i used to pay to retighten my hair, she started her own locks and her husband made a tool for her out of a paperclip.  I sent her all the youtube links about what to use to lock the hair.  can you believe that people even use safety pins, hair pins...quite creative.    good for them.  it's all on youtube.  so please check out or email me at if you're not able to get it from them for whatever reason.


Rochelle B. said...

I'm definitely planning to buy one. What's better than having a tool that's easy to use. Can't afford to take the sisterlock course just to get their I already kno the basics to retigthen my hair.

CaribSun said...

Thanks Audrey. I appreciate you responding.

Magdalene Wells said...

Are you still selling the nappy local tool I will be ordering o E from you.... thanks maggie